Hello, my name is Meng.
I was born in China and came to UT Austin for Engineering school where I balanced the heavy course load with art and illustrations. After working as an Engineer for many years, I decided to become a Brand Consultant so I can combine my love for the analytical and visual world. I am probably the only Brand Consultant you know with a master's degree in Engineering and a large portfolio of illustrations. In 2019, I founded Ten19Studio so I can work independently and directly with clients, and my mission is to overcome business challenge and speak authenticity through creative projects.

Current & Previous Clients: 
ProduktWorks Design   |  Victor To for City Council   |   CertifID   |   Asterisk Design   |   Terra Firma   |   Blue Squad   |   WorkingLunch Co   |   Hello Kitchen   |   Christen Ales   |   Freach Design   |   Julie Oliver   |   Kids in the Hive   |   Zarma International LTD   |   Blanton Museum of Art   |   Artha Creative   |   HaiShen Chem

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