Hello, my name is Meng. 
I'm an independent Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Founder of Ten19Studio LLC. I had a successful career in Engineering before becoming a designer, so my creative approach is a combination of analytical and design skills. I have been helping large and small companies with Logo Design, Branding, and Illustrations since 2014. My mission is to help clients overcome business challenges and speak authenticity through creative projects.

Current & Previous Clients: 
 Asterisk Design   |   Terra Firma   |   Blue Squad   |   WorkingLunch Co   |   Hello Kitchen   |   Christen Ales   |   Freach Design   |   Julie Oliver   |   Kids in the Hive   |   Zarma International LTD   |   Blanton Museum of Art   |   Artha Creative   |   HaiShen Chem

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